Who is Donna Weiser and what is The Wiser Way?

"I found an opportunity that changed my life and the amazing thing is, I didn't even know I was looking for it!"

I became an Arbonne consultant and purchased a Starter Kit in August 1992. Most people believed that the starter kit just contains some skin care products, a few business aides and literature about

the company. THIS WAS NOT TRUE!! When I opened that starter kit and looked deep inside, I found an opportunity that changed my life and the amazing thing is, I didn't even know I was looking for it!!

I was content at that time, being a camp director, teaching music and pursuing an acting career. My husband of 27 years, Ted has always been very supportive of whatever I did. When I embarked on my new adventure with Arbonne, we both really appreciated the fact that I could work out of my home and enjoy the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with my two beautiful daughters, Jill who was 9 at the time and Erica who was 6. Other moms who worked in the corporate setting didn't have the flexibility to volunteer in the classroom, drive for field trips or pick up their kids from school every afternoon! Arbonne afforded me this luxury!!
Over the past 15 years, I have earned incredible trips all over the world and was fortunate enough to bring Ted and the kids with me on these all-expenses-paid trips! We have traveled as a family (expenses paid by Arbonne) to Hawaii three times, The Bahamas, Ixtapa, enjoyed a Carribean cruise. I also spent one week in Paris, and a fabulous adventure in Italy and Switzerland - a trip that I earned for me and Ted for having a 55% increase in my business in 2005! All thanks to Arbonne!

From the moment I understood the compensation plan, which is most generous, I quickly moved into a leadership position with Arbonne! It was very exciting for me, since I had absolutely no sales, skin care or nutritional background what-so-ever! I still achieved success very quickly because of the fabulous training I received from my up-line leaders. I became a Regional Vice-President with Arbonne in less than two years and today I am enjoying fabulous financial success as one of the top Executive National Vice-Presidents in our company! 

Today, my mission is to assist others in creating their own successful home based business, the wiser way, with Arbonne International as their vehicle for personal, professional and financial growth.
If you're interested in the wiser way, please e-mail me at Donna@thewiserway.com

The following article is from Donna Weiser NVP "Eye on Arbonne" story.

"It's all about ATTITUDE".

Before becoming an Arbonne consultant, I knew what I wanted: To make enough money to put my two kids in private school. The question was, “How?” With a B.A. degree in Recreation Administration and numerous career pursuits behind me—from Camp Directing to acting—my search ended at a Mother’s Day Luncheon in May 1992. That day, Arbonne appeared in my life, in the form of a gift certificate. It was definitely God answering my prayers. I didn’t know it that day, but my life would never be the same!

From the moment I tried Arbonne, I knew it was no ordinary skin care line. The day that I purchased Arbonne, my sponsor, Beth Launer did her job by offering me this fabulous business opportunity. (Thank you, Beth!) She complimented me, telling me that I would be great at this business and handed me an Arbonne brochure. I remember clearly, as I walked away from her apartment, feeling both amused and slightly insulted. I said “No, thank you” and laughed to myself as I walked to my car! “Imagine,” I laughed to myself, “offering me an opportunity to sell skin care … I’m so sure.”

"Your job is to plant the seeds
and let go of the results"

Well, here I am, ten and a half years later, achieving the highest level of management with Arbonne. Remember, “No” doesn’t always mean “No”. It may simply mean, “Not now!” People often say “No” to this opportunity because they don’t have enough information or perhaps it’s just not the right time. It wasn’t the right time for me when I left Beth’s apartment. However, two months later, it was suddenly the “right” time and I remembered the little Arbonne brochure tucked away in my night table drawer.

It’s important to keep people in your pipeline and keep “dripping” on them. Your job is to plant the seeds and let go of the results. Sometimes it takes weeks for those seeds to grow and sometimes it takes years. It’s not your business when those seeds grow; it’s
God’s business.

I became an Arbonne Consultant with the intention of earning a few hundred dollars a month to pay for my acting classes. I was not interested in the sponsoring aspect of Arbonne. I did however, need training, so I attended a meeting led by Sandra Tillinghast (Sandra was an Area Manager at the time). Sandra spoke about Arbonne as an opportunity for financial success, time freedom and personal growth. From the moment I heard Sandra speak those “pearls of wisdom,” I knew I could create a successful business with Arbonne. I was determined to become an RVP as quickly as possible. Within two months of that meeting with Sandra, I promoted to District Manager, then Area Manager four months later and in August 1994, I promoted to RVP! Along the road to RVP, I was proud to become #1 in the Parade of Champions.

To get to the top, I attended every Arbonne meeting and training, even if it wasn’t convenient. If I wanted success with Arbonne, I knew I had to attend “Arbonne University”. To earn a degree from “Arbonne University,” you must be trained! How fortunate we are today to have the wonderful training tools provided by Arbonne. And, the great books and tapes provided by SuccessLine support! Thanks to ENVPs Phoebe James, Donna Johnson and Deanna Wilkinson for creating the awesome website www.successlinesupport.com; it is a must for all business builders.

"When you know what you want
and you want it badly enough,
you'll find a way to get it."

The secret to my success really isn’t a secret! I did three to four presentations each week, called every lead I had (I used to get at least five leads every day just “out and about” doing my daily routine). I offered everyone the opportunity (which means I didn’t pre-judge) and personally-sponsored four to five people each month. And the real “secret” was (and still is), my attitude. When I was disappointed because someone canceled a class or a Consultant I sponsored decided not to do the business or even more painful, when one of my Managers chose to stop building their business … I never quit. My attitude was, “Who is next? Who can I work with who wants to build a business?“ And I always kept an “open door policy” for those Consultants who might want to come back. We all do this business in our own time, at our own pace. I match my time with my Consultants’ efforts!

My journey these past 10 years with Arbonne has been fabulous! To be blessed with Sandra Tillinghast as an incredible mentor and wonderful friend has been a gift. Thanks, Sandra for your love and support … you have taught me so much. The personal growth I have experienced with you as my coach has been, and continues to be, priceless.

And speaking of coaches: Sonia Stringer, my personal success coach from Compass point Coaching has been so instrumental in my becoming an NVP. During this fabulous journey, she has taught me the importance of “being more” and “doing less”!

Rita Davenport, from the moment that I heard you say your priorities were God, your family and then your business, I knew I was in the right place. Thanks for your wisdom, humor and support! Petter, thanks for your encouragement these past 10 years. And of course, for your vision. To earn a six-figure income when it doesn’t even feel like work, what a gift! To wake up every day and love what I do is an even greater gift! Stian and Candace, thanks for always being there to answer questions and help with challenges. It means a lot! To Shane, James, Jason, Toni, Cheryle, Christy, Gina, Kavona, Stacey, Ina, Teri, Jill and the entire sales service team at Arbonne, on behalf of my entire Nation, we appreciate all that you do to assist us in building our business!

I have reached this awesome goal only because I am blessed with a team of wonderful leaders. Leaders who are committed to their own personal growth and success. To Tina Lee and her Earth Angel Region, thanks angels, for your commitment to your business! To my fabulous Executive Area Manager Team: Michelle Janczewski, Renee Futterr, LuAnn Budiselic and Sally Hallada … who is in qualification for Region as I write this story! And, to my wonderful Area Managers: Ada Hambourger, Liz Barlak, Nancy Wilcox, Kristen VanderVeen and DoBee Pecora (and Area Manager in qualification, Chris Robinson) … thanks for your support as we reached this incredible goal! You show up as RVPs each and every day and I respect and honor you for that. I look forward to parking my Mercedes next to yours very soon. A special thanks to the “Wiser” Nation team of District Managers: You are so important to our team and I look forward to your continued success. I know the next step for you is Area Manager … just one stop along the way to your Mercedes!

To Sue Allison, my baby sister: Thanks for always supporting me and my business; I love you! Mom and Dad, what can I say? From the moment I decided to seriously build an Arbonne business, you were behind me 100%. Dad, you have taught me how to succeed in business by your shining example! And Mom, your unconditional love and support over these 10 years means so much! You have not only been my best customer from the moment I began selling Arbonne, but you are my greatest advertisement, as well! Thanks for the many, many customers you have found for me all over the country! Jill and Erica, my beautiful daughters: Your patience with me over these 10 years is so appreciated! You were my “Why?” when I started with Arbonne and you continue to be my “Why?” To be able to give you everything you desire and deserve has kept me going. I love you!

Irma and Jessie Weiser, my in-laws, thanks for babysitting in the early days of my business when the girls were little. And, thanks for giving me the love of my life, Ted. Ted, you are my best friend, my husband, and my soul mate. You never questioned my decision to build an Arbonne “empire.” Eight years ago, when I became an RVP, you said you were the poster boy for doubting husbands.” I’d rather call you the “poster boy for supporting husbands.” Thanks, Honey, for your unwavering love and support!The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.

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