Getting Started - Top 6 for Business Builders

New Consultant meet with Sponsor/Upline for
Getting Started Meeting within 48 hours of signing up!

 HW = Homework

1) Set Yourself Up To Win!

    •Listen to your NVP’s Welcome call. (HW)
    •Place personal order - Right Start Value Pack (RSVP) OR place a $500 RV order and get $250 for $50 ($250 RV Special)
    • Place business order - align order with level of activity.
    •Set up "Arbonne Special Delivery" order - $150.

2) Strong Start!

    •Write reason "WHY" (pg. 8 Strong Start Workbook - HW).
    •Define goals (pg. 9 Strong Start Workbook).
    •Create 100 name contact list (pg. 23-24 Strong Start Workbook - HW)    
    Think locally/globally as you create your list.
    (complete within 24 hours of signing up -  HW)
    •Determine level of activity: walker, jogger, or runner (see box below).
    •Review "Get to District" document with sponsor & choose your top 4 business partners.

3) Schedule!

    •Schedule two back-to-back business launch presentations within the next 7-9 days.
    •Schedule 6 group presentations by asking friends to host within the next 30 days.
    •Plan a “Dream Team Get Together” with your sponsor (invite those people you would really enjoy working with, to a special Discover Arbonne get-together at your home or your sponsor's home).
    •Schedule ongoing activities 2x2x2 system (pg 17 Strong Start Workbook) 

4) Set Up Shop!

    •Review the "Arbonne Activity Management Tools" – DVD & Flashcards (order under Business Aides Item # 8998 for $7.50).   These tools will be useful with your Calendar.
    •Set up Demo Sets for presentations and/or Drop Offs - Full Size RE9 Advanced/Ultimate Facial/Fit Kits.
    •Set up Host/Hostess Coaching folders & Sponsoring folders (pg. 30 and 38 Strong Start Workbook).
    •Set up office (file folders, website, business cards,  and thank you notes).
    •Familiarize yourself with,  i.e. how to place an order, how to sign up Clients, Preferred Clients, Consultants. WebStats, Arbonne University, Learn and Burns and other tools available at the Internet Consultants section of
    •Familiarize yourself with for more great info and tools.
    •Set up a follow-up system (pg. 64 Strong Start Workbook). Ask your sponsor for additional tools.
    •Start your learning library of books, CDs about our industry, personal development and leadership. Ask your upline for recommendations.

5) Sharpen Your Skills!

    •Practice your presentations (both product and opportunity)
    •Roll play with your sponsor (see scripts on or under System for Success/Coaching).
    •Be coachable – don’t try to re-invent the wheel… follow the system!

6) Plug In! (First, launch your business and “earn as you learn.”  Then, be sure to plug into the following…)

    •Attend all  regularly scheduled meetings including local, regional and national  trainings and events.
    •Listen to weekly “Go for the Gold” call, hosted by ENVP Donna Johnson.  (Saturday morning @ 8 am PST Dial in number is 424-203-8000 pin 998676#).
    •Business Builders are welcome to join the weekly “Weekly Success Series Call” hosted by ENVP Donna Weiser.  (Tuesday morning @ 9 am PST) Dial in number is 712-432-0075, pin 777754#).  Email  ( to be put on the Success Series email loop to receive weekly reminders and recorded call info.
    •Register for the Arbonne Incentive Trip (AIT) - or current incentive at time of your start month.
    •Mark your calendar for the Global Training Conference (GTC) in April.
    •Subscribe and listen to monthly Learn and Burn CDs ($5 at to receive monthly training CDs, OR Listen on your computer)
    •Pace yourself through completion of Arbonne University (on

Here’s to your success… And remember,
“Obstacles are things we see when we take our eyes off our goals”


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